Camisha Loukas
Loan Servicing Specialist

Camisha Loukas has over 17 years’ experience in the finance industry. She began her career with Bank of America in retail banking, working full time while earning a degree in Finance from the Michael G Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. At Bank of America, she explored many different roles from customer service to sales, managerial and back-office operations.

Once she earned her business degree, she went to work for Provident Funding Associates LP, a residential wholesale mortgage lender, as a conventional mortgage underwriter. Her career with Provident spanned over 13 years, mainly in credit risk analysis/ underwriting and mortgage underwriting training. She also stepped into other roles whenever she was needed; broker development, servicing, and post- closing audits.

Camisha’s free time is spent with her husband, toddler, and newborn baby.

Camisha is ready to expand her knowledge and break into the commercial lending world. She is eager to do what it takes to excel as the commercial loan servicing specialist here at JS Coats Capital.