Lee Graeve
Lee Graeve aka “Gravy”
Senior Director: Debt & Equity

Lee’s career in financing commercial real estate spans more than 3 decades. He began his career on the administrative side of the industry where he managed a mortgage banking subsidiary of Bank of America in Dallas, Texas. A career advancement took Lee to the corporate headquarters of B of A in San Francisco, where his duties included managing the company’s national construction loan portfolio, underwriting loan requests for 10 branch offices, and presenting them to loan committees.

Since moving to the Seattle market in 1979 to manage a newly opened BA Mortgage branch office, Lee has originated life company, construction and FNMA loans for BA Mortgage, Pacific First Bank, National Mortgage, Intervest Mortgage, and JS Coats. Over this stretch of time, he has been a correspondent mortgage banker for many of the same life companies represented by JS Coats Capital today, where he has aligned these institutional lenders with institutional borrowers, high net worth individuals and those with modest portfolios. Lee’s experience in personal real estate investments, long-standing relationships with clients and lenders, his ability to generate meaningful relationships with new clients, and his outstanding customer service, are just a few of the reasons Lee is an industry-leading professional.