The Mission

“To become the industry-leading commercial real estate mortgage banker in the Northwest, as measured by all standards through the eyes of our borrowers, our lenders, and ourselves.”

We take the pursuit of our mission seriously.  Becoming number one in the eyes of our clients, lenders, and through our own eyes (via constant self-evaluation and improvement) is a formidable challenge, yet we recognize this and we are up for the challenge – our resolve is strong.  Striving to be “number one” means exceeding expectations in terms of results and customer service.  Finding the right financing solution for our clients is not a simple matter.  Borrowers in the marketplace have complex needs, and lenders in the marketplace offer a multitude of financing options, only a few of which will meet a Borrower’s needs.  Matching these two takes a company with the right people and the right set of tools – we strongly believe we are that company.  This is our mission.  We choose to accept it.

JS Coats Capital