The Strategy

Accomplishing our Mission to become the number one commercial real estate mortgage banker in the Northwest requires a Strategy that will enable us to intentionally focus, with daily purpose, towards the end goal. Our Mission will be accomplished when we follow these strategic principles:

• Hire the Best – Engage the Best
• Care for the Customer
• Add value
• Offer a diverse menu of products
• Embrace technology

Hire the Best – Engage the Best: It is true of most business models that people make the difference between an ordinary company and one that excels. At JS Coats, we have hired some of the most-respected, seasoned professionals in the business who have unparalleled personal and professional integrity and a passion for what they do. We also recognize the value and energy that young professionals bring to our team and to our business. That is why a conscientious effort has been made to create a blend of seasoned and young professionals. Seasoned professionals mentor, educate, and hold training sessions for our young professionals. We are dedicated to this concept and have hired Peter Wong, a well-known and highly regarded icon in our industry, to act as our Team Development Executive – responsible for training our young professionals. Our team enjoys collaborating with one another to solve complex financing challenges. Our complimentary skillsets and personalities create a stimulating work environment and a more efficient loan process. Underlying this all is the fact that we enjoy our jobs and the environment we have created.

We expect a lot of our lender clients too. Their ability to provide quality service effects our ability to provide quality service to you. We engage the most service-oriented lenders, by purposeful design.

Care for the Customer: The JS Coats team works very well together, principally because we genuinely respect and care for one another. This translates into a respect and care for our customers and flows naturally into a desire to listen to what our clients and lenders have to say. Exceptional customer service cannot be taught – it stems from a genuine concern for people, and a true desire to help them. When we are able to help you realize your financing goals, we celebrate a job well done.

Add Value: JS Coats will add value for our clients, lenders, and the communities in which we operate. This is accomplished through careful listening, thorough analyses, creative thinking, all of which is enhanced by our talented staff and broad lineup of lenders – and underscored by an honest and hard-working approach to conducting business. We are experienced experts in the field of commercial real estate finance. JS Coats Capital is not a transactional broker – we are a relationship-based mortgage banker with long-standing ties with our lenders, which adds value to you, the borrower. We seek to develop and strengthen our relationship with you so that JS Coats will become your preferred source for any financing needs.

Offer a Diverse Menu of Products: Financing can be arranged for any type of institutional quality income producing property. Similarly, we work with institutional lenders who desire to finance these types of properties, offering a wide variety of loan types, durations, structures, terms and conditions and for properties large and small. We represent a lineup of lenders who make long term fixed rate loans, adjustable rate loans, construction loans, and bridge loans – in just about every state in the nation. We do not specialize in any one product type or property type. To do so would be to exclude those borrowers that cross over between multiple property types, or those who both develop and invest, or those that have both small and large loan requests. We don’t want to give you a reason to go anywhere else with your business.

Embrace Technology: Being connected and mobile are requirements in today’s fast-paced business world. JS Coats team members carry Microsoft Surface Pro’s and operate on Microsoft’s cloud-based 365 platform, providing us with access to our files wherever we are. This enables us to carry our office with us wherever we go and work from any device, providing you with unparalleled service – at our office, or yours. Because we are almost entirely paperless, and we handle confidential information on a daily basis, data security is very important to us. That is why we subscribe to, and operate within, the most secure environment Microsoft offers (full Compliance and Information Protection).

JS Coats Capital