The Products

Financing sources and options are in abundance today.  The lineup of local, regional, nationwide and institutional lenders is extraordinary, and each offers an array of loan programs.  Therefore, it is prudent to ensure that you are receiving broad market coverage in order to capture the financing solution that best fits your needs.  Our deep and long-standing relationships with these lending sources prevents you from missing out on the perfect deal.  Tell us what you need, and we will explore the possibilities.  Some of the products we arrange are listed below:

Life Company Loans: Brokers and mortgage bankers have completely different relationships with their lenders. Brokers work with a limited supply of transactional lenders while mortgage bankers, like JS Coats Capital, have long-standing relationships with life insurance companies that have been built on trust and reliability. Life company lenders have historically provided the most reliable source of long term fixed rate money available in the market.

Construction & Bridge Loans: With over 30 years of combined construction lending experience, our Loan Officers can help you find the right and best source for your next project. Provide us with the project details and we will quickly identify lenders – local, regional and national – and loan programs that best meet your needs.

Agency Loans: JS Coats has relationships with various Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD lenders across the United States. These Agency sources are often attractive lending solutions for your multifamily property. The Agencies can typically provide a hardy menu of multifamily financing options tailored to your specific property and needs.

Owner-Occupied Loans: We have placed a significant number of owner-occupied loans with our various lenders over the years. The right lender needs to not only understand your real estate needs, but also those of your business.

CMBS Loans: Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities lenders are among the most aggressive in the marketplace and can be a good financing solution under the right circumstances. These lenders and the loan programs offered are unique and complex. We have the expertise and experience to guide you through the CMBS process.

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